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Leave Mine To Me lyrics


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     Leave Mine To Me
    >> Bad Religion
        there are desperate times upon us,
    there are codes of white and black,
    political resentment and people start to crack,
    there's hate and opposition,
    there's fumbling dialog,
    yet you sit there and judge me
    and you think it makes a difference
    if you think i'm all alone you are foolishly wrong,
    there's an entire army who blindly follow along,
    and you happen to be one of them believe it or not,
    even though you try not to be we are of the same plague
    the other ways we're taught to fear,
    don't even scratch the surface of the problem here,
    i'm not blind, and i'm not scared,
    so many crucial factors exist out there,
    and we're but one, and they're bout two,
    and how we come to terms will help us pull through
    things cannot change too fast,
    it took us this much time,
    to reach our current platform and walk this fragile line,
    if i thought i'd make a difference i'd kill myself today,
    but so many are like me lost in the fray
    you create your own reality,
    and leave mine to me.
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